Foresight. Career education reimagined

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Providing career education and guidance is increasingly difficult.

The world of work is changing – 70% of young people are entering occupations that will be radically affected by automation. Entry level roles are disappearing. Our workforce is going global and digital. Office life is diminishing. (FYA 2017)

The students are changing – Their needs and preferences are evolving. They seek collaboration, autonomy, digital media, individualised experiences and learning anytime, anywhere. (RMIT 2021)

The career education curriculum cannot keep up.

Educators, we hear you.

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You face the difficult task of providing the youth of today with career guidance and education that meets curriculum outcomes and effectively enhances the knowledge and career certainty of students. What’s more, using digital resources and curriculums that have been deemed inconsistent, misunderstood and unengaging (ITHACA Group 2019).

Educators, we want to help you.

We want to support your career education and guidance efforts, and enhance the career knowledge and certainty of Australian high school students – with Foresight.

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Foresight is a youth-focused, interactive career guidance application designed to support the Australian secondary school career education curriculum by providing students (aged 13-18) with an autonomous and engaging experience exploring potential and future careers and occupations.

Digital career services have been proven to assist curriculum driven outcomes by increasing youth’s knowledge the self, the world of work and career certainty (Harris-Bowlsbey 2013:183).

Yet, current digital services fail to provide these benefits due to poor design and a fragmented market (Vigurs, Everitt and Staunton 2017:1) – with government digital services (as curriculum leaders) offering the  poorest user experience for teens (Joyce and Neilson 2019) that have shown no significant effect on student’s career certainty (Galliot 2017).

Graphic self-created using Canva with media elements used under Canva’s “Free Media License Agreement”

In contrast to leading digital career guidance services, the Foresight experience provides these benefits by making career guidance youth-focused, interactive and future-proof.

Graphic self-created using Canva with media elements used under Canva’s “Free Media License Agreement”

Youth-focused design

To capture and maintain student’s attention in order to effectively deliver and enhance career education/guidance, Foresight uses a youth-focused design and appeal.

This is achieved through it digital format, colour palette, fonts, multimedia, graphics and formatting and driven by evidence of youth’s design for engagement and information retention.


The interactive features within Foresight have been strategically used to increase user’s knowledge of the self, the world of work and career certainty – a clear reflection of the career education curriculum.

Students increase their self-knowledge and career readiness through aptitude and personality quizzes in the MyStyle feature.

Using AI technology, the data from their MyStyle results drives the Explore feature. To increase their knowledge of the world of work and career certainty, students discover different career profile through a deck of cards, swiping to learn more, watch videos, ask questions or indicate their preference for the career.

This enhanced knowledge is built upon through engaging in lively career focused discussions with their peers and real-world professionals in the Chatter feature.

Graphic self-created using Canva with media elements used under Canva’s “Free Media License Agreement”

Graphic self-created using Canva with media elements used under Canva’s “Free Media License Agreement”


Whilst to increase student’s knowledge of the world of word and provide them future readiness, Foresight emphasises emerging industries and future proof careers within the content and algorithm of the Explore feature, MyStyle questions and Chatter discussion threads.

The delivery of future-focused education is more largely seen through topical articles in the Noteworthy feature, discussing industry trends, emerging fields, interviews and more.

Free to download for mobile and desktop devices, with access to content gained through class subscriptions, students receive individual login credentials and a personalised, individualised app experience, whilst educators receive regular reports detailing a cohort’s engagement with the application.

The ultimate teacher’s aid, Foresight supports educators and career advisors in their career education and guidance efforts through providing students with an additional, more leisurely, experience that increases students’ awareness of career information, self-knowledge and career certainty – thereby enhancing the outcomes of existing classroom curriculums, resources and services.

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We used our own foresight when designing Foresight! This means that like with any start-up, Foresight carries some limitations and risks, though we are prepared to tackle them.

Mainly, Foresight is a private digital career education tool operating in a largely government dominated field with agencies/services with vast resources. This is good news for us because we aren’t trying to compete with these valuable digital services! We are designed to work with them because they benefit from us and we benefit from them. Together, we are all trying to support and guide the career choices of today’s students, right? We aren’t trying to replace the validity of these services in career education/guidance, instead we are positioning ourselves as an additional supporting service with a more leisurely, interactive and engaging experience. 

The key to Foresight’s edge and success is its unique design and app interactivity. This is what engages students and supports education/guidance, which is why we have planned regular maintenance and updates to ensure quality interactivity and current career content.

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Firstly, we need to bring Foresight to life – and the good news is that is well underway! All we need is to show our investors how valuable Foresight will be for so many educators and students so that we can secure the adequate funding required to launch Foresight at its full potential.

So, express your interest in a Foresight class subscription! It’s as simple as clicking that little ‘I’m interested’ choice in the poll below. Just two clicks and you’ll get us one step closer to delivering Foresight.

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